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Lost Your Friends’ Phone Numbers? Use To Pull Them From Facebook Groups

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How mobile payments are changing the world. Here's how YouTubers make money off platform. How digital innovations changed movies forever. Handshake aims to help students launch their career. This played out one recent Wednesday evening when my iPhone's caller ID flashed my own phone number, along with a picture of my face.

It was a robocall using spoofing technology to pretend it was calling from my own number. It was an automated pre-recorded message from "Microsoft" claiming my computer license was expiring. Knowing the drill, I wasn't surprised to hear I had 24 hours to respond before going to jail.

What you can do right now to stop robocalls. Yet some experts warn this is just a mild taste of bigger dangers to come: a world where you receive robocalls calls from numbers you recognize and the person on the other end sounds like someone you know. Spoofing, a form of robo-calling, is increasingly common. It's when someone makes a call from a voice-over-IP service, such as Skype, and are able to enter a host number. One of only five such leaves remaining in private hands, this leaf is from the setting manuscript used by the printers. Fewer than 50 of the estimated 1, pages that constituted it are known to survive.

In keeping with the convention of the time, the autograph leaves were nearly always destroyed as soon as they were set in type. However, Charles Hicks c. Hicks's salvage, consisting of 33 leaves from chapters 36 and 37, makes up "the largest number of contiguous Pickwick manuscript leaves known to survive" Long, p. As Dickens's fame grew, he "became increasingly aware of the value of his manuscripts and he sought with limited success to retain what he could of his early work" ibid, p.

Dickens wrote to Hicks around September requesting that "'when you have time be good enough to look me up all the old copy you have of mine, as I am very anxious to have it complete' Dickens's instruction is said to be the 'first recorded instance of CD's collection of his own MSS'" ibid, p. In May , when Dickens donated five slips from chapter 39 of Pickwick to a charitable cause in Halifax, the author enclosed a note with the pages: "I have never given away any old published MS.

The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club, issued monthly between April and November , became a publishing phenomenon only after the introduction of the redoubtable Sam Weller, who features in the portion of text preserved in this leaf. The comic scene occurs during a visit to Bath by Pickwick and his friends , and Sam Weller has received, to his consternation and bewilderment, a formal invitation from John Smauker to a "swarry" soiree with the elegantly uniformed "select footmen" of Bath.

The text begins halfway through a discussion of the chalybeate taste of the famous waters. On the previous page Sam Weller had given his opinion: "I thought they'd a wery strong flavour o'warm flat irons", to which Smauker retorted "That is the killybeate Mr Weller". Weller's response to this forms the opening line here: "It may be, but I ain't much in the chimical line myself, so I can't say", before the pair's conversation turns to the forthcoming evening's entertainment, closing with Smauker's line, "You'll see some very handsome uniforms".

Dickens's deletions here include three full lines of text and four words blotted out; his insertions consist of three words added interlineally at the top left. The leaf is numbered "75" at the head of the page in his hand: Sadleir notes that "it is clear that Dickens numbered separately each successive instalment of manuscript delivered monthly to the printer". Although the text retained here is part of chapter 37, it was in fact originally published as part of chapter 36, due to the previous misnumbering of two consecutive chapters as "XXVIII" - an error that was rectified in subsequent editions.

This is one of only five leaves from the Pickwick manuscript remaining in private hands. The leaves were originally part of the 33 slips held by Hicks's family and were dispersed in their sale in They re-appeared as part of a group of 12 consecutively numbered leaves in the Suzannet sale in - the last occasion on which significant manuscripts of Dickens's works were offered at auction.

Of those 12 leaves, numbering from 69 to 80, the majority are now held institutionally: number 69 by the Morgan Library; number 70 by the Princeton University Library; and numbers 76 to 80 by the Free Library of Philadelphia. Leaves numbered 71 to 75 are held privately, and two further slips from this sequence of leaves are also recorded: Suzannet donated number 81 to the Charles Dickens Museum in , and the final slip, number 82, is held by the British Library.

my numbers my friends

The other leaves preserved by Hicks, consisting of slips 50 to 68 from chapter 36, are today in the Rosenbach Museum and Library. All other surviving portions of the Pickwick Papers manuscript are held institutionally, and comprise: five slips from chapter 19 British Library ; a slip from chapter 25 and fragment of four lines from chapter 37 New York Public Library ; and five consecutive slips from chapter 39 Rosenbach Museum and Library. Self-Kenyon Starling copy. A full transcription of the text is available on request. Sadleir, Catalogue of the Suzannet sale, p.

The story concerns three simple curate's daughters who go to London to earn their livings serving tea in a Bond Street tea shop. They become the romantic rivals of three ladies of fashion but succeed because of their freshness. The musical opened at the Apollo Theatre in London on 10 May and later transferred to the Prince of Wales Theatre, running for a total of performances. Ada Reeve was a replacement as Ada Branscombe. There were also a Broadway production in and international tours.

The New York Times gave the show a rave review after its opening night in New York: "It is just possible that there have been better musical comedies. It was the marvel of. Huntley and Maurice Farkoa. They meet Lady St. Mallory proprietress of a fashionable tea shop and her friends from London, including three young gentlemen to whom they immediately are attracted. The girls happily accept Lady St.

Mallory's offer to go to London to work as waitresses serving tea in her Bond Street tea shop. Act II The three men, Lord Cheyne, Brian Molyneux and Monsieur de Lorme flirt with the girls at the tea shop, not recognizing them from the earlier out-of-town meeting, as the girls' serving uniform is the costume of Holland. Each of the men also has a London girlfriend of position in London society who becomes jealous of the Branscombe sisters.

The society girls decide to disguise themselves as waitresses to meet their rivals on their own ground. The three men prefer the Branscombe girls and invite them to a dance at Lady St. Mallory's country house. Act III At the country house, the three girls charm the men and defeat their rivals, who are, fortunately, philosophical about their loss.

Mackay Rev. Mallory's Drawing-room at Market Mallory No. Mallory's friends this ev'ning are highly delighted" No. Gesamtpreis 1 Artikel Artikel : Versandziel:.

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Has Facebook got your mobile number? Now your friends do too – Naked Security

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