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Support Donate Purchase Advertise. Tell us what you think! MacLaren and Lisa N. Zed Michael Walzer On Toleration. University of Minnesota Press. Reviewed by Charles Barbour. Minow, Martha. Boston: Beacon Press, Orr, James J. Paris, Erna. Perlman, Michael. Imagined Memory and the Place of Hiroshima. Rose, Caroline.

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London: Routledge, Shibusawa, Masahide. Richard L. Volkan, Vamik D.

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Montville, and Demetrios A. The Psychodynamics of International Relationships. Lexington, Mass: Lexington Books, Whiting, Allen S. China Eyes Japan. Berkeley, Calif. Yang, Daqing. Yoneyama, Lisa. Comfort Women.

- Document - Hiroshima traces: time, space, and the dialectics of memory

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Theory and Comparison. How they came to be there, how they endured their imprisonment, how they survived a nuclear attack, is the inspiring story told in this book. This is the story of bombardier Hugh Clarke and his mates. Through it, often in their own words, a remarkable group of men tell us what they witnessed that sunny morning in But they tell a great deal more - the conditions within the camp, the courage of their fellow POWs, the unceasing battle for survival.

Sometimes with humour, often with sadness, Last Stop Nagasaki! Japanese Destroyer Captain. Tameichi Hara.

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This highly regarded war memoir was a best seller in both Japan and the United States during the s and has long been treasured by historians for its insights into the Japanese side of the surface war in the Pacific. The author was a survivor of more than one hundred sorties against the Allies and was known throughout Japan as the Unsinkable Captain.

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A hero to his countrymen, Capt. Hara exemplified the best in Japanese surface commanders: highly skilled, hard driving, and aggressive. Moreover, he maintained a code of honor worthy of his samurai grandfather, and, as readers of this book have come to appreciate, he was as free with praise for American courage and resourcefulness as he was critical of himself and his senior commanders. Hiroo Onoda. In the spring of , Second Lieutenant Hiroo Onoda of the Japanese army made world headlines when he emerged from the Philippine jungle after a thirty-year ordeal.

Hunted in turn by American troops, the Philippine police, hostile islanders, and successive Japanese search parties, Onoda had skillfully outmaneuvered all his pursuers, convinced that World War II was still being fought and that one day his fellow soldiers would return victorious.

Hiroshima Traces: Time, Space, and the Dialectics of Memory / Edition 1

This account of those years is an epic tale of the will to survive that offers a rare glimpse of man's invincible spirit, resourcefulness, and ingenuity. A hero to his people, Onoda wrote down his experiences soon after his return to civilization. This book was translated into English the following year and has enjoyed an approving audience ever since. Similar ebooks. Lisa Yoneyama. In Cold War Ruins Lisa Yoneyama argues that the efforts intensifying since the s to bring justice to the victims of Japanese military and colonial violence have generated what she calls a "transborder redress culture.

By linking justice to the effects of American geopolitical hegemony, and by deploying a conjunctive cultural critique—of "comfort women" redress efforts, state-sponsored apologies and amnesties, Asian American involvement in redress cases, the ongoing effects of the U.

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Laura Hillenbrand. In boyhood, Louis Zamperini was an incorrigible delinquent. As a teenager, he channeled his defiance into running, discovering a prodigious talent that had carried him to the Berlin Olympics.

But when World War II began, the athlete became an airman, embarking on a journey that led to a doomed flight on a May afternoon in When his Army Air Forces bomber crashed into the Pacific Ocean, against all odds, Zamperini survived, adrift on a foundering life raft. Ahead of Zamperini lay thousands of miles of open ocean, leaping sharks, thirst and starvation, enemy aircraft, and, beyond, a trial even greater.

Driven to the limits of endurance, Zamperini would answer desperation with ingenuity; suffering with hope, resolve, and humor; brutality with rebellion. His fate, whether triumph or tragedy, would be suspended on the fraying wire of his will. Unbroken is an unforgettable testament to the resilience of the human mind, body, and spirit, brought vividly to life by Seabiscuit author Laura Hillenbrand. Book 7.


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Race for Empire offers a profound and challenging reinterpretation of nationalism, racism, and wartime mobilization during the Asia-Pacific war. In parallel case studies—of Japanese Americans mobilized to serve in the United States Army and of Koreans recruited or drafted into the Japanese military—T. Fujitani examines the U.