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These are conflated by the uniform use of the period. If one wants to distinguish between them, one may follow Rules 4A-E. If an object-language element is neither formally nor semantically segmentable and only the metalanguage happens to lack a single-word equivalent, the underscore may be used instead of the period.

If an object-language element is formally unsegmentable but has two clearly distinguishable meanings or grammatical properties, the semi-colon may be used. If a grammatical property in the object-language is signaled by a morphophonological change ablaut, mutation, tone alternation, etc. Number and gender markers are very frequent in some languages, especially when combined with person. Several authors therefore use non-capitalized shortened abbreviations without a period. If this option is adopted, then the second gloss is used in If the morpheme-by-morpheme gloss contains an element that does not correspond to an overt element in the example, it can be enclosed in square brackets.

Inherent, non-overt categories such as gender may be indicated in the gloss, but a special boundary symbol, the round parenthesis, is used. Grammatical or lexical elements that consist of two parts which are treated as distinct morphological entities e. Infixes are enclosed by angle brackets, and so is the object-language counterpart in the gloss. Infixes are generally easily identifiable as left-peripheral as in 27 or as rightperipheral as in 28 , and this determines the position of the gloss corresponding to the infix with respect to the gloss of the stem. If the infix is not clearly peripheral, some other basis for linearizing the gloss has to be found.

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Reduplication is treated similarly to affixation, but with a tilde instead of an ordinary hyphen connecting the copied element to the stem. Fortescue, Michael. West Greenlandic. Croom Helm descriptive grammars London: Croom Helm. Haspelmath, Martin. A grammar of Lezgian. Mouton Grammar Library, 9. Berlin - New York: Mouton de Gruyter.

Lehmann, Christian. Schultze-Berndt, Eva. Simple and complex verbs in Jaminjung: A study of event categorization in an Australian language.

CRC Press Online - Series: Routledge Leading Linguists

Katholieke Universiteit Nijmegen Ph. Sneddon, James Neil.

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Be the first to write a review About this product. The essays progressively develop a view of syntactic structures in which syntactic properties are increasingly analyzed as atomized in progressively smaller elementary components and partitioned in the way these elementary components are represented. Dominique Sportiche argues that as a consequence of this view, languages do not differ at all in their syntactic organization.

Additional Product Features Dewey Edition. Show More Show Less. No ratings or reviews yet. Be the first to write a review. In Interfaces in Linguistics, ed. Oxford: OUP. Bobaljik, J. Stekauer eds. Williams E. Mithun, M. Constraints on Compounds and Incorporation. Vogel eds. Cross-Disciplinary Issues In Compounding.

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  6. Edited by Caroline Féry and Shinichiro Ishihara!
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    On the identity of roots. To appear in Theoretical Linguistics. Merchant, J. To appear in Linguistic Inquiry. Lowenstamm, Jean. Amsterdam: Elsevier. Arad, M. Locality constraints on the interpretation of roots: The case of Hebrew denominal verbs.


    Syntactic Features: parametric variation in the history of English. MIT Ph.

    Conventions for interlinear morpheme-by-morpheme glosses

    Heidi Harley, Discussion of A comparative analysis of Dutch and German R-pronouns. Adjuncts as a diagnostic of polysynthetic word-formation in Inuit by Richard Compton. Presented by Heather Newell. Wordhood and word internal domains by Glyne Piggott and Lisa Travis. Presented by Richard Compton. Dobler, E. In Proceedings of the annual conference of the Canadian Linguistic Association.

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    Journal of Literary Semantics

    In Nordlyd 36, special issue on Nanosyntax. Tanya Slavin will lead the discussion. Alec Marantz. Heidi Harley and Rolf Noyer. No escape from syntax.